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"Creación pictórica de Nelson Estrada" por Bayardo Gámez Montenegro

"Pictorial creation of Nelson Estrada" by Bayardo Gámez Montenegro

After observing and studying the pictorial works, the creation of Don Nelson, I consider that its author has mastery of the human figure, shapes of objects, environments, knowledge of color and composition.

Capture the personality traits in the faces of your parents, children and friends. Expresses grace and elegance in his mother's profile on a golden background. Capture the portraits on faces, torsos, the entire body, in the context of the landscape or interior of the home, in actions of experiences, on the beach, in the countryside, in the dining room or in a toast.

From these works I distinguish the still lifes with fruits in a graceful and colorful composition. One painting represents a large red apple that suggests an abstract stylization to me. Other paintings have motivations such as the Roman chariot chariot with graceful steeds in motion. A character seeing with one eye through a hole in a sheet of cardboard. I sense a surreal, subjective and symbolic existential vision.

I perceive fine details of objects, transparency of glass, clothing, delineation of architectural spaces, walls, arches and floors. The works reflect a process of maturity that is being consolidated in the organization of a future exhibition, to be appreciated in the expansion of spaces and in the association of neighborhoods and suggestive environments.

Finally I want to say about Nelson Estrada, that his pictorial creation is the result of the artistic and cultural training accumulated over many years in different geographical settings combined with his personal dedication to taking brushes, paints and canvases for the development of his own works. She still has a lot to give exploring the figurative and abstract style, in order to show her to a wider audience so that they know and appreciate her.

Bayardo Gámez Montenegro .
Estelí Nicaragua, July 3, 2018.

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