Nelson Estrada Solórzano

Born in Managua, Nicaragua (1949), he is an artist with endearing facets who demonstrates ingenuity and versatility. His approach to the plastic arts and music has allowed him a notable record of both realism and the abstract. In his artistic work, the intimate and familiar is evident, a trait that he reproduces in different works. This denotes a solid discourse that has allowed him to develop as an artist conscious of form and expression as well as human values. Her most recent achievements, such as the exhibition Asómate at the Pablo Antonio Cuadra Cultural Center (2019), and after this, her participation in the Florence Biennial, Italy (2019), were of great importance for her progress in the world of beauty. Arts.
(Introduction by Orell Ordoñez)

Prior to entering the field of fine art, Estrada Solórzano held management positions in the financial and administrative areas in international banks and high-profile companies in Mexico for almost four decades. In 1990 he fulfilled his wish to return to Nicaragua, the country where he was born and which he left in 1962, and once familiar with it he joined a company in the consulting and construction field where he achieved great success.

To bring the Lomas de Santo Domingo residential development to fruition, Estrada Solórzano directed everything from the initial designs, earthworks and design of streets and houses to the turnkey delivery of beautiful residences, whose distribution today ranks among the best residential developments in Nicaragua.

Estrada Solórzano developed architectural designs for several residences, including two, one on Calle Rubén Darío #2 and the other on Calle O. d'Leon #8, where he and his family resided and which were later acquired for use as residence of the embassies of Denmark and the European Union. It is worth remembering the words spoken by the extraordinary architect of Nicaragua, Eduardo Chamorro Coronel, whose resume includes the designs of impressive structures such as the Chancellery, Post Office, the International Airport, the Central Bank and having collaborated with the construction of the Rubén Darío National Theater. Architect Chamorro visited on several occasions the residence on Calle O. d' Leon #8, designed by its owner, the painter, Estrada Solórzano, and wrote the following to him:

“On a summit is the mansion that refused to be a castle by opening its doors and windows to the light and the breezes that cross it, even the rains bathe its open corridors, bringing the change of day and night, of storm and of the calm, within the internal spaces that, without becoming monumental, are ready to welcome the music that flutters around the pianist, architect and today painter who is constantly renewed in this mansion that at the top refused to be a castle” Ernesto Chamorro Coronel, 6 April, 2019 Pursuing excellence, Estrada Solórzano opted for the field of painting in 2001, beginning with portraits of family members, following the creed that a painter should begin capturing human images before venturing into any other subject or style.

Julio Valle Castillo and Bayardo Gamez, two important art critics, wrote essays on the work of Estrada Solórzano, both of which are included in another segment of this website.